Andiario is a Pennsylvania restaurant with an artisanal approach to cooking. We’re engaging a network of dedicated and responsible farmers, craftsmen, and purveyors within our community, and supporting a way of life that is forward-thinking while tapping deep into tradition.

These relationships provide us with honest ingredients at their best. Everything from broccoli to blueberries has its season, and will be celebrated at the height of its flavor, or carefully preserved to build a winter larder. Lean winters with hearty flavors give way to fresh abundant summers, creating a meal experience with a sense of time and place. Our attentive service team will be there to guide you through this experience. 

We’re excited to welcome you to Andiario with warm and knowledgeable service. Our vision includes a focused and evolving menu with an emphasis on the details and the ultimate goal of delicious food. 



Anthony Andiario


Anthony Andiario is Chef and co-owner of Andiario. He grew up in northeastern Pennsylvania, where his interest in cooking took shape in the family kitchen and his grandfather’s garden. After graduating from Penn State, Anthony began traveling to Italy, where his love for food deepened. He moved to Phoenix, Arizona, and immersed himself in the profession, establishing a dedication to technique and discipline.

Anthony spent the following fourteen years orchestrating some of the most respected kitchens in Phoenix. For eight of those years he was at the helm of a restaurant located on a ten-acre, working farm. There Anthony grew to appreciate the connection between unadulterated product and exceptional food. He implemented a whole-animal approach to butchery, expanding his repertoire and learning the importance of flexibility and creativity in adapting a menu to the season and the products available.

Conversations with farmers and time spent in his home garden provided some of his most formative lessons in cooking. “It’s difficult to imagine the awakening impact it can have on you as a cook, cutting your first spear of asparagus and experiencing how sweet and full of vibrancy it is. Or caring for a flock of hens for five months to get your first real egg. Nothing tastes as good. Perhaps it’s all a bit subjective, but it truly makes you appreciate food with a backbone.” 

During his last years in Phoenix, before he and Maria decided to return home and open a restaurant in Pennsylvania, Anthony worked with Chris Bianco. He views his time with Bianco, who has an unmatched energy, and unapologetic confidence in providing food in its most approachable form, as a maturing period in his career. Anthony’s commitment to supporting local farmers lays the foundation for his methodical approach to cooking, deliberate in its restraint, elegant in its simplicity, and revealing an underlying Italian sensibility.

Our favorite quote about Anthony appeared in a review of Tratto which he helped open with Bianco in 2016.

“Andiario’s name has long been whispered with hushed reverence among those in the know, but they’ll soon be saying it — loudly — right after “I remember when.” He’s a rock star-in-waiting whose kitchen exudes Siddhartha’s calm and Citizen Kane’s focus, and the food he’s turning out is consistently stellar.”

You’ll find a link to that article about Tratto, and a few other press pieces here. You can also follow Anthony on Instagram. 


Maria van Schaijik


The daughter of philosopher parents, Maria van Schaijik spent part of her childhood living and traveling in Europe. A life-long love of art and culture blended naturally into an appreciation for good food and wine during a semester spent in Rome. After college, she moved to Phoenix and completed a master’s degree in statistics. To support her studies, she began working in Chris Bianco’s restaurants, where she was first introduced to people who were passionate about good food and its role in forming community.

Between coursework and sometimes teaching at Arizona State University, Maria found pleasure and friendship working in service. She also met Anthony, whose dedication to his craft changed her perspective on the restaurant industry. She developed a new appreciation for hospitality and the impact professional service has on a dining experience. When Maria and Anthony decided to open a restaurant together, they wanted to be closer to family in Pennsylvania. The borough of West Chester, where her family had settled, was a natural choice.

Besides numbers and business, Maria enjoys service. She’s excited to shape Andiario’s front of the house, with the aim of providing a seamless link between guests and the kitchen. She’ll strive to instill in her staff an understanding of true hospitality, creating an atmosphere that’s warm and welcoming.